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Trouble syncing local file songs to iphone

Trouble syncing local file songs to iphone

Hello All,


I've downloaded my playlist from spotify (on both windows laptop and iphone) to play offline but my "local files" that were added to that playlist still requires to sync from the computer? I've resort to Youtube videos and read comments and they make it sound as simple as "just download the playlist and it'll work on mobile app too". It doesn't work for me. I've added pictures of what I come across. Notice how all of the songs I've added from spotify to my playlist are white and has the green check to it (indicating that they're downloaded and can be played offline). However, the songs from my local file are grayed out with nothing next to it. When I select one of those songs I get a pop up saying it needs to be synced from the computer. But on my computer I don't have an "offline sync" toggle button, all I have is the "download" toggle button. I can listen to those local file songs on my computer while being offline, but I need help making it work for my phone. Someone help me pleeeaaaaseeeeeeee.

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