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[UPDATE] Spotify 0.5.6 for iPhone


[UPDATE] Spotify 0.5.6 for iPhone

Hey guys! 


The lastest update for Spotify on your iPhone is now available on the AppStore. Pretty small update, this one - It mostly addresses some connectivity issues that were present in the previous versions. 


Any issues, just pop us a message below. 

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Sometimes the solution is so simple we cannot see it.
I rebooted my Apple TV & it all started working perfectly again.
Sorry & maybe add this as a possible fix.

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Now it doesnt work at all on my iphone 4s

davekay - What happens when you try to open it? Just crashes and refuses to load? If so, I'd recommend a clean installation of the application - This should hopefully get things working. 

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I know you guys maybe don't like jailbroken devices but if you can help I'll be appreciated.


Here's a crash log from my jailbroken new iPad \w version 0.5.6


It crashes right after I logged in, either using facebook login or using username/password login.

Tried to re-install but it still crashes

The asking to login everytime spotify was offline problem was finally fixed in the last couple of days, but now I updated spotify to this update it's back again 😕

Yes, I have an issue.

Since the update, Airplay does not work any more. If I connect it to my Apple TV, it plays the song for about 3 seconds then stops.

No audio is sent at all to the ATV.

I've done a clean install & even a complete iPhone restore & get the same problem.

Me too.

Ive only been using Spotify for a week and i'm fed up with it already.


telboyofpeckham - We've just tried the AirPlay function on a set of speakers here, and it seems to be fine at the moment. Try changing the streaming quality of the tracks, as well as closing other applications down from the multitask menu.

On the crashes, not entirely sure what could be happening with that. Although, in yegle's case, your Cydia extensions might be causing some problems here. Naturally, we don't support jailbroken devices. One theory we had after looking at your crash log is that "MobileSubstrate might be a bad idea".

Other users, we'd recommend reinstalling the application, and then restarting your device before using the application again.
Airhorn Enthusiast



The crash is concerning (IMO, and worth further looking at.

Is there a way to enable debug logging, such that we can understand why the app is crashing ?



Sadly not - There's no log within the app. Although if someone could reproduce this on a fresh install of the application, and the device has recently be restarted, I'll certainly try it out here too.
Airhorn Enthusiast

(Adding some logging is always a good investment, also for analyzing other issues)

I got a fresh install of spotify

I played deus - following sea and the app crashed a number of times with that album.

It doesn't crash with other music - not sure why.


Iphone 3GS

Ios 5.1.1

Spotify 0.5.6

Not jailbroken

Playing using airplay






There is actually an console log in the Spotify app.

You can see the console log if you press: Settings - >about - > long press (hold the button down for 1 second) "Show Licenses" button and a "Show Log" button will appear so you can see a lot of stuff going on in the client and try to find out why you experience any issue or just wants to know what is happening.

I stand corrected! All this information....
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Marked as solution

Sometimes the solution is so simple we cannot see it.
I rebooted my Apple TV & it all started working perfectly again.
Sorry & maybe add this as a possible fix.

Radio doesn't work when on 3G (running iOS 6)


Would I recommend this app? Absolutely not, not on your life. Why?
1. I signed up for the 30 day free premium trial. Spotify gave me 2 days, then credited my card for one month service. Customer service? Well 2 weeks later not a peep. Oh and the web site is still asking me if I am interested in the 30 day free trial, just to rub salt in the wound.... Even when I'm logged in! Surly the site knows I'm already a premium customer once I've identified myself on the site?
2. Ok I'm a premium customer now so I downloaded a bunch of songs and tried to play them offline. I set the app to offline mode (why on earth should you have to do that at all) and once I was on the road with no Internet access I fired up Spotify and it asked me to login - WTF!. How can I login with no Internet access? Customer service? not a word there is even a thread asking about a fix and the so called customer service agent either asks you to try to "uninstall and reinstall", "reboot your iPad or iPhone" or check "the log". WTF "check the log?" I just want to play a song not get another degree in computer science. 
3. The app is really poor. Why should I tell it to work in offline mode. Surly if knows I'm offline when, well, I'm "off line".  It crashes all of the time. You have to use Facebook to login, the UI is ugly, it does not work offline... What the hell am I paying for? The only reason a user would pay for a premium account is offline use!

So in summary, I would not waste my money on this service. Spotify has the library, it has the hype but the delivery, the app and the customer service is atrocious. Absolutely waste of time and money.

jivinanza - I've taken a look at your account and popped you an email. Keep an eye on your inbox.
Airhorn Enthusiast

After testing with different  mobile substrate addons disabled, I found "SwipeNav" is the reason Spotify crashes on iPad.



Spotify need to be added to the "Force-disable" list of SwipeNav. Hope this helps someone with the same problem.

David. Don't worry about it. Use you time better and make your existing customers happier. I've cancelled my account already. you have lost me as a customer and I won't be giving any good reviews to my friends I'm afraid. 

Im really disappointed with the Spotify service. I'm trying deezer now. 

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