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Unable to create new playlist/use home screen

Unable to create new playlist/use home screen







iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1-up to date


My Question or Issue

I want to create a new playlist, and am unable. 


When Spotify opens, the "Home" screen says: "Something went wrong. Have another go?" with a white button that says "TRY AGAIN".


I have killed the app (swiped up), uninstalled and reinstalled, have done a clean uninstall/reinstall, and a soft shut down of the iPhone itself. 


Any ideas on what is happening? I really need to create this playlist for work. 


Thank you!

3 Replies

Oh, and to add: 


I went to look up an artist (Twenty One Pilots), it loads the page, but then I click an album and the album opens up a black screen. 

I am having the exact same issue as you are. Many other users on reddit etc. reporting the same thing.


Spotify can you please post something about this and address this issue! It's a wide spread issue and your support and attention is required.

  • I’m having the same problem. Ever since they changed the format for artists and albums, I’m not able to select a song I want or a certain album I want to listen to. It is making me go to my liked songs to play everything. I’m also having the same home page problem on the app. I also can’t search anything or browse. Spotify please offer a solution to fix this problem.

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