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Unable to install Spotify on the 10.34 IOS Ipad

Unable to install Spotify on the 10.34 IOS Ipad






iPad Gen 4

Operating System

iOS 10.3.4


My Question or Issue

Just inherited the above device.  Updated it to iOS 10.34 (can't go any further). Works perfectly but am unable to download Spotify.  (Reason application requires iOS 11.0 or later).


Read through the other similar posts about using my computers' itunes account but it says that the Spotify 'app is only avail on the App store for iOS devices'. 

When searching on the iPad for older versions of Spotify there are no options.  


The other suggestion was to fake my Apple id address to an American one so that I could wangle a download.... That sounds so unprofessional and dodgy.  UK and Canadian users are faced with same issue.  


I use Spotify premium on my phone and computer for 2 years but very keen to use now on iPad. 


There must be tens of thousands of us out there facing similar issues. Don't want to buy a new gadget (lets save the environment)... but gathered there must be some trade agreement btw Spotify and Apple. Is this the reason you have not allowed for downloads on older devices? Can't perceive any other reason you haven't kept it simple and accessible.


Thanks in advance.  

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Hey @, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Unfortunately in iOS you can't downgrade apps, if you have it on your list of purchased apps (whatever you install from the App Store is called a purchase, even the free apps).

If that's the case, just head to the App Store, and go to the Updates tab where you'll be able to find the apps there. Search for Spotify and go ahead to install the last compatible version for iOS 10.


Read more about System Requirements for Spotify to work optimally.


Hope it helps 🙂

Same issue. This is ridiculous. Both Safari and Chrome wont even load the webapp... this reeks of corruption. 

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