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Unable to sync Albums in Library

Unable to sync Albums in Library

Hi there, I'm struggling to sync Ablums in my library. I save an album, then once I go to flick the 'available offline' switch, it switches but no tracks start to download?


It lets me sync normal playlists but not albums specifically on their own? I tried redownloading the app, and it worked but once it's been closed and opened again the problem appears again. I don't want to have to keep redownloading the app and syncing all my playlists over and over again just to get one more new album?!


I have more than 25GB free space, so one album should not cause any issue right?


Help please?!






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Hey CJ!

Is this still going on?

If so, let us know around how many tracks you have saved for offline listening already.

We'll go from there 🙂

Still happening, I have 250ish songs synced in playlists and some albums that let me sync once I'd deleted the app and re-downloaded it.

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