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Unacceptably high mobile data usage for no reason whatsoever

Unacceptably high mobile data usage for no reason whatsoever

I took spotify out of offline mode two days ago to synch some playists and seemingly didn't turn it back on again.


Now I was informed by my carrier that my mobile data volume for the month had been depleted after only 12 days (I have never ever ran out of volume, not in all the 15 months I've been using it).


After checking which app was responsible I noticed that spotify had used up thrice as much volume as all the other apps on my phone combined, WHAT THE ACTUAL **bleep**?!


I never use spotify for anything else than listening to music which I synched via WLAN. How the **bleep** is it sucking up so much of my mobile data volume?


I have deactived mobile data usage for spotify and now it bitches about it every time I start the app - WHY FOR GOD'S SAKE WOULD IT DO THAT?!


I'm so **bleep**ing pissed atm. I'm really considering just leaving spotify. This is simply not acceptable!

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Hello @butter_milch and welcome to the community!


If any of the following points is true for you, it could be the reason why your traffic increased that much the last couple of days:

- Are your playlists not completely synced at home? (and continue outside)

- Do you have any offline playlists that you follow and not own? These could be updated while you're on the go and then start syncing

- Are you sure you only played playlists that were synced to your phone?


You should disable 3G syncing in your settings and only listen to synced music/don't stream. Then, you won't see any changings in mobile data. By the way, the download of music covers is also wasting traffic.


PS: Kannst mir auch auf deutsch antworten, sollte ich anhand deines Nicknamens die richtige Vermutung haben 😉

Thank you for replying this quickly.


- I'm pretty sure my music was synched since it shouldn't have taken more than 1 hour to synch aprox. 15 songs

- The only offline playlist which I'm following and do not own hasn't been edited in over 6 months

- Not if it took spotify longer than an hour to synch ~15 songs via WLAN


In my case spotify should never use mobile data and it's really annoying that I have to activate offline mode since it includes both mobile data and WLAN (and why the hell wouldn't I want to use WLAN?!)


I would really like to know why spotify doesn't have a "don't use mobile data"-mode and bitches about not having access to mobile data every time I start it when I deactive it via my phone. This would be so simple to implement it's extremely disappointing it still hasn't been.

Hmm.. You posted this topic in the iOS help section. Is it true that you are talking about an apple product or did you choose the wrong category and actually talking about an android device? Because I found out that there's a bug in the android version (I'm an iPhone user, so I didn't know about it.. also, it wasn't really updated since the beginning of the year) see here:


How much data did Spotify use / is included in your carrier package? Did you just upgrade to premium again after some days without premium? Because when you downgrade to free, your offline playlists will be deleted and you have to sync every song again after upgrading. Maybe not your new 15-song-long playlist is responsible for the error, but other playlists with a huge amount of tracks.

I am indeed using an iOS device.


My mobile data volume is capped at 200MB which until now has been enough. Spotify used up a little under 150MB although this was over longer timespan than those 12 days (more like 3 weeks, it seems this has happened at least twice now).


Is there any way to deactive mobile data usage without being informed that it was deactivated every time I start spotify? This is really grinding my nerves 😕

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