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Unblock song

Unblock song


**bleep**, what the **bleep** is this feature?


By mistake I pressed the circle with line icon... and now I can‘t listen to a song anymore... I get the feature... but I CAN‘T unblock the song again? wth?


Who came up with this idea, without thinking it through?


Sorry about the emotions... but it‘s seriously stupid... and it took me for **bleep**ING EVER to sign up to this community to just pose this question...


PLEASE fix this bug!

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Okay I did the exact same thing that you did and here is what worked for me. 

I just liked the song I blocked by swiping it to left (until that heart icon appeared) and i was able to listen it again. 


Hope this works for you too!

This just happened to me, and I cannot even load the song back onto my screen when I go to the album.  It just won't play.  This feature sucks all the way around when there is no fix for getting the song back.  There is no troubleshoot either.  And this happens to be one of my favorite songs to work out to.  Spotify sucks for this one for real!  Even though it's downloaded onto my phone, it still won't play.  Why would I block a song that I've downloaded onto multiple playlist?  Come on, be smarter than this Spotify.


Same here! I just listened to a song I really liked in a playlist of songs similar to one I was listening to, and I wanted to add it to a playlist but accidentally blocked it instead. Would be great if they could let you view the songs you blocked as a playlist and unblock songs you like from there 😡

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