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Update missing features

Update missing features

I received the new iphone update.Lvoe it. but I can't seem to find the feature to "save" music to "my library. Your promo video shows a "save button when I'm on an album. (see screenshot). I'm not seeing this button. Where is it?


Also, why didn't my Mac OS update happen yet?


And why to services like you hold back the ipad update when you roll everything else out. sloppy.


Please help. 

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Too answer your various questions.

1. Your Music (with the save function) is on a roll out separate to the new design app. You should get it within the next month according to the Spotify tweets.

2. The desktop app update is done randomly across the Spotify network over a period of time. Just like with the your music roll out, it should reach your account and auto-update sometime soon.

3. iPad wasn't included in the Your Music beta, so I wouldn't hold your breath on it, or the new design making it onto iPad in the very near future unfortunately.

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"3. iPad wasn't included in the Your Music beta, so I wouldn't hold your breath on it, or the new design making it onto iPad in the very near future unfortunately."


That is uttery rediculious - awful business practice. I pay Spotify for Premium every month and if all of the software isn't ready for prime time hold back the update until you can release it to everyone. I cannot access any of 'My Music' on my iPad because, go figure, it isn't included. You can add all sorts of features to the iPhone app (kudos to you, don't get me wrong - new features are great) yet the iPad is left out in the dark. The new look and features were released THREE months ago and I haven't seen anything to prove for it. All I am asking for is for you to release a Band Aid fix; add the missing features and continue working on the iPad redesign. You did this for Android - my Nexus 5 had the 'My Music' section a day or two after the announcement while the redesign took several weeks. The way Spotify does their mobile software updates is imbecilic and makes me believe the person in charge is an unmitigated moron (a word I hate to use - but I seriously am sick of paying you guys for this). It would be one thing if this was the first time this sort of thing has happened but it isn't. Not even close. I, a 2.5 year Premium subscriber, quit 7 - 8 months ago because I was sick of the bugs with no response other than 'wait for it, it's coming soon!' for months and months (in some cases over a year). I came back for the redesign and student pricing. But guess what? I can leave whenever I want.


Just for a kick in the pants for anyone from Spotify reading this: I am on the student pricing but hate being left in the dark so bad I am testing out all of the services. If, by the time my 7 day trials end (a total of 21 days - giving you four months to work on it), I don't have the substantial features you offer on every other platform I will pay your competitors more than I am paying you. I will not come back like I did a few months ago. You will lose me to Beats Music as AT&T has a pretty slick deal waiting for me - $15 for 5 people.

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