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Using Control Center while music playing on connected device

Using Control Center while music playing on connected device


when I Play music on my iPhone, I can control spotify via the control center, forward songs etc.
When connected to another device, e.g. Sound System, the control center won't let me forward songs etc. The control center shows the apple music controls.
Is there a way you could fix this?

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Hey and welcome to the community!


Due to Apple's limitations it's currently not possible to control devices connected with Spotify Connect from outside Spotify. You can only control music that plays over the speakers of your iPhone. I'm sorry.


Have a great day! 🙂

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Thanks, let's hope apple makes a way possible... 😉

Sorry to raise a thread from the dead but I'm searching for a solution to this also. I've currently got my Spotify playing on my LG Music Flow speakers but it's not showing in the control centre however if I connect it to my Sky Q via airplay it will work and I can control through control centre.





I forgot that this Connect Speaker also has... Airplay - DOH!!

Alas Spotify Connect still does Not work from Control Centre on iPhone or Apple Watch!!




Sorrry for the long post but I think I found a weird (but easy to verify) bug that is a working solution!!

I'm especially pleased because I bought a Apple Watch mostly on the expectation I could use it as a remote control for my Spotify sessions for my Connect speakers. I was pissed at Apple & Spotify for ,whatever their reasons, not making this obvious use case possible!


First thing - Mark your Sky Q uses Airplay which is an Apple feature so that would work.


Now to my discovery...

Note: I'm a former Samsung Galaxy S4 user and a feature I really miss was the ability to listen to multiple audio sources at the same time e.g. have some background music at the same time as watching a video. Maybe I'm weird but the GS4 allowed me to do it. 


So today I start a video on Udacity on my iPad using Bluetooth headphones and I'm thinking - I'd like some background music. So I think, I know, I'll use my iPhone to start Spotify on my Connect enabled speaker for the background music. All good.


Later I look at my Apple Watch and see the Spotify track showing on Now Playing - What!?

I've been trying for months to get this to work!

i go to my iPhone Control Centre and... lo and behold it's showing my Spotify track in full glory: Album art with working skip controls and timeline - **bleep**!!


So from Control Centre I check availabile devices...

There I see my connected Spotify Speaker as expected but then I notice my Bluetooth headphones I was using on my iPad BUT at the same time I connected to my iPhone in case a call came in!

That must be it!


Somehow this scenario has 'tricked' the iPhone into allowing Spotify Connect from Control Centre. 

Note when I try from the iPad Control Centre it shows nothing!

Final comment about this scenario: when I started Spotify from my iPhone the music played via my Bluetooth headphones. I had to switch to Spotify Connect. Maybe that somehow triggered Control Centre!


Now I need some people try this to see if it works for them. 



1. Connect a Bluetooth device on iPhone

2. Start Spotify and play a track on Bluetooth 

3. Select a Connect speaker

4. Go to Control Centre 

5. Check album art and skip controls

6. Apple Watch users: check from Now Playing you can skip tracks, change volume etc!




I hope Apple doesn't read this and fix that bug. If they do then read this!

I've been annoyed by this forced limitation enough to start thinking about getting out of this walled garden!!






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