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Video Freeze JRE APP



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Good morning from Barcelona folks, my problem is that when i download or try to watch a JRE podcast from my phone, the video starts for like 3-4 seconds and then it freezes, i dont get it cause in my laptot works perfectly, i tried to do a fresh reinstall and restart my phone but doesnt work, thanks so much for your work and dedication! Have a good one!


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Hey @martidearmas


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

It sounds like you've tried a couple of things already, but let's try some more troubleshooting.

Would you mind trying with a different network connection to see if it makes any difference? In case you don't have another one available, you can ask a friend or a family member to turn on a mobile data hotspot to test it.


It's also a good idea to remove any apps or services that Spotify may be connected with or affected by.

In case the issue persists, can you let us know the exact the Spotify version that you're running?


Keep us posted, we'll be on the lookout for your reply! 

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Hey @lyubka i've been trying everything, now i can again listen to podcasts at work and not seeing the video is killing me, no apps attached to spotify, i've tried with different networks and nothing, let me explain the issue in detail. 

When i play the podcast, even if its downloaded and in plane mode, the video starts 3-4 secons with the audio and then it freezes while the audio continuous, idk it only works a very few times, when i restart the phone, click the play while is minimized and maybe it works and i cant move it to full screen cause almost always freezes, jre is only in spotify this is been causing me problems since a couple of months, its very frustrating. 

Thanks for the help, 

Kind regards!

Hi there @martidearmas,


Thanks for the reply. Please be sure to check the Data Saver options under the Spotify Settings and make sure that downloading videos is allowed. It's possible you have only permitted the audio to be downloaded. If it still doesn't work, could you please provide a video reproducing this behaviour? That would be of great help. Also as mentioned above, please send us the exact iOS and Spotify Versions you are using.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your reply.

Kiril Moderator
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Eyy Kiril thanks for everything man! Sure im sending a video rn, and sorry i'm sure i put somewhere the IOS and Spotify versions, sorry g. There you go iOS 15.6.1 Spotify version

Hey @martidearmas,


Thanks for your reply and for the video recording 🙂


Just to confirm, is this happening over WiFi? 3G/4G? Both? Do you notice any difference if you switch the internet red you're using? It's possible you disable video podcasts while you're using mobile data. You can check if that's the case in your phone's settings in Video podcasts> Stream audio only> toggle it off. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.


On another note, is this happening on another mobile device? It’d be awesome if you could check. You can ask for the mobile device of a relative or a friend to open your account and check.

Lastly, since you mentioned this started to happen a few months ago, did you notice if this started to happen after a specific event, such as a OS update? If yes, please send us the details.

Keep us in the loop!

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