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View Playlists at Album Level

View Playlists at Album Level

I am on my 30 day free trial (currently paying MOG).  I am very impressed with the scope of catalog and the quality of the Radio function.  The only thing possibly preventing me from making the switch at the end of the trial is that there is no way to view playlists by Album.  I set a a playlist titled "Favorite Albums" but when I open this, all I can get is a gigantic list of individual tracks.  It is really silly that it is not possible to collapse lists to the album or artist level (like MOG).  Are there any plans to add this functionality to the mobile apps in the near future?

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One idea: 


Create a new playlist for each album.  Then Create a playlist "Favorite Albums" and drag each of the other playlists into that folder.  When you open "Favorite Albums" each album will be listed. 

I have a feeling this will be addressed when they roll out the true Collection feature.  Well maybe not addressed within playlists, but browsing your Collection based on album/artist.

Thanks, I'll try this.  Cumbersome workaround though for a basic feature that Every other music app has.

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