Vodafone Premium - IOS Update


Vodafone Premium - IOS Update

Hey guys,

So I've got sprint premium attached to my Vodafone contract. For ages it all worked fine, then I had to update the Spotify app (IPhone 6s) and now I'm having trouble.

Post update, I had to make a Spotify account and login to the app (never had to do that before) and now I can't figure out how to get my Vodafone-premium working.

I've tried cancelling and resubscribing, hopeful that id get some form of activation link however no-joy; any suggestions?
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Re: Vodafone Premium - IOS Update

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Hey @Jazzer, you would've had a Spotify account at some stage in order to receive your free Spotify subscription, as it's not possible to use the app without an account 🙂


If you're unsure as to which account had the subscription, you can try resetting your account details through any email accounts, or alternatively contact Vodafone and see if they can help!