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Weird Video is in my Wrapped 2021 Playlist?

Weird Video is in my Wrapped 2021 Playlist?



I have a weird video in a language I do not speak nor understand, in my playlist.

I don’t know why I can’t remove it? I tried to block the band, but it only removes the songs.. not this weird ass video. 


 Does someone has a solution? 

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Same here in my 'Your Top Songs 2021', I have an Arlo Parks video - before her track Eugene. I like the artist and song but why would anyone ever want videos in an audio app? I have never watched a video in Spotify before and don't want to. Please don't introduce some kind of story video posts Spotify

Agree! Super annoying feature. Spotify please give us an option to remove it.

Pretty please, let us delete or disable these annoying and very unnecessary interruptions. I want to listen to my music, not to some greetings or thank you video.

I asked about this feature on spotifys customer support chat, the response was that "You can just copy the songs and make a new playlist". Please go and give feedback straight to the customer support via chat, maybe then they will delete the videos and messages.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your posts.


Those are ''thank you message'' videos made by some artists to express their gratitude to their listeners. We're afraid those can't be manually turned off, but we appreciate your feedback and we'll make sure to pass it on to the right folks.


If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.



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