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What does this icon do?

What does this icon do?

Hi I'm using spotify on my iPhone. Works just fine but I can't figure out what a certain icon does. See pic. Anyone a suggestion?





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It allows you to add that track to a play queue. It's a really useful feature, but I have found on my iphone 3GS that by using this function it often causes the app to crash. I've reported it but has been like that for months now. You may have better luck with it.

Thanks. But what is the queue? A sort of playlist? Can I see that queue?

Hi. The play queue is a feature whereby if you have a song playing, you can add tracks to play next on the fly without having to put them in one of your playlists. The only problem is that I can't find an option to see which tracks in the play queue are due to be played unlike the desktop version. Therefore you can't re-order them once you have added a track to the play queue or delete them etc. As I said though, more often than not when I add tracks to my play queue it seems to crash the app!! Not good and needs to be fixed.

Stany70 - Have you tried installing the new iOS app that we released yesterday at all? That might make things a little more stable.
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No, I haven't yet. Will give it a whirl tonight and hopefully I can get back to that fantastic listening experience that I used to have? Many thanks.

Please let me know how you get on!
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Will do. I'll do the update tonight and have a listen for a bit and then post back with views.

I have the new app, but still. I see the track jump to now playing. But then? I can't find the list or edit it as Stany70 pointys out.

Hi. I'm not sure that you are able to see the list; maybe one of the Spotify staff can confirm this? It would be very useful if you could see the play queue list the same as with the desktop version. Maybe this could be added to the next update?

Indeed would be useful. But than again it will be just a playlist. Which brings me back to: what is the point? It confuses me.

I do think it's a great feature personally when it works. I guess the point is that if you are playing a track and you just want to play a random track next you can do this by adding it to the play queue without needing to add it to one of your playlists, which is what you would have had to do previously. For example you may be playing a Foo Fighters track and then all of a sudden have the urge to listen to a David Guetta track and then maybe some 80's hip hop track. All a bit random I know. However, without the play queue feature, you would have to either add these tracks to your current playlist ( would you want David Guetta and some random 80's track in your Foo Fighters or rock playlist ( who knows but most wouldn't) or create a new playlist for thos random tracks, or add to another playlist, or after each track you would have to search for them and then play tracks manually. All a bit tedious- hence the reason for having a feature where with a quick swipe and press you can keep adding those tracks so that they play next- all pretty seamless and hassle free. That's the beauty of the play queue feature for me.

That is true, but then it would be for just a few tracks once in a while and you don't need a queue.

I use it when I'm engrossed within a playlist but have a sudden urge to listen to something else. If I don't want to lose my place, it's simple to add one track in the queue, which will play next, and then will revert to the original playlist.
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Hi David, Yes I use it like that as well. My mind like my music taste wanders quite a lot and I can quite easily start off listening to Metallica and end up with Kylie!! I think it's a great addition, but I just hope that the new IOS update fixes the frequent crashing.

David, I just thought I would post to say that for me the update seems to have(for now at least) stopped the frequent crashing of the app. I will do some more extended listening this weekend but had it playing for nearly an hour yesterday and no crashes. Before the update the app used to crash when adding tracks to play queue. It doesn't now. Also app seems to be running a bit more smoothly on the whole. Fingers crossed it stays that way!!

Good to hear! Let me know if you run into anything strange.
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