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What's happened here?

What's happened here?

I saved lana del reys new album ultraviolence all the songs were fine I go on it today and realise flipside ( a song on the ultraviolence album ) is in grey I do have my internet on so I tapped on it to see what was wrong and it says it is unavailable but if you have the rights to it why has it became unavailable?
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Okay, well I search for Ultraviolet on Spotify and found the album but the song Flipside was not listed. I then searched specifically for Flipside by Lana Del Ray and nothing was listed. My guess is that song song was not official released on Spotify yet. I know the song exists because I found it on YouTube HERE. I'm sure it will be fixed soon.

Bit that is what I'm saying it was already there so how could it not have been released by spotify it's almost as though they have completely deleted it, I know it is no longer on the album but it is still in my playlists, starred and my songs

Hey @Aimeex218 ,


There are many reasons why certain songs may not be available on Spotify's catalog. Sometimes record labels have various copyright restrictions, or the song may only be available in certain countries as a bonus track among other reasons. It looks like the song Flipside is only available in Japan as a bonus track. Basically, Spotify has to listen to all the restrictions certain record labels impose on the availability of their materials. Flipside is probably playable if you are in Japan. If you really like the song, I would suggest downloading it as a local file onto your computer, and then syncing the file to Spotify. Hope that helps! (I really hate when songs I love aren't available on Spotify's catalog, too, but it's not Spotify's fault it's the record company representing the artist's fault hahah)

Oh another big reason record labels choose to withhold certain tracks or albums from certain countries is to promote or drive up sales of those songs/albums in that region. It's all a big ole business.

*ultraviolence and it's lana del *rey sorry

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