What's new missing from app update

What's new missing from app update

I don't know if this has been discussed previously but when I updated my iPhone app it seems that the what's new section has been replaced by the discover section. So my question is where has the 'top' played songs gone, like the charts, can't seem to find them anywhere?

Thanks for any help
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As you've noticed, we've replaced What's New with Discover for more personalised recommendations, but feel free to check out the Tunigo app for the latest releases (and it works as a neat music player in its own right, to be honest).


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Okay, I think that both should be there to be honest as a lot of people would like to play music from the top charts.

This is absolute BS.  Who did the product managers consult with in order to make this change?  I bet this was purely driven by profit and you are now trying to spin it into something better for the consumer - I call BS!  

I have to disagree, I think the new discovery section is a massive improvement over frankly what was a useless section for me.

At least it now recommends things I might be interesting in rather than the usual things that don't interest me that appear on What's New. 


The system is not perfect however, so if you have any feedback head over to this topic where I have collected all of the current improvement ideas for discovery. 



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Discover sucks! Whats new was much better. I'm considering switching to Wimp

I literally used "what's new" every day...especially on Tuesday's.  It was the best tab you guys had and now it's gone.  I feel totally lost without it.  that is how I found new music and knew when new releases came out.  Really bad move yanking it from us.  I am going to check out Google Music and if they have it, I will be switching. 


Tell the geniuses there responsible for this not to rip features from users.  It's never wise....

Ummm...i have to disagree! Discover is nonsense, more like a radio. Don't even care to use it! What's New i used to use quite a bit to find new tracks that just came out.


I just joined spotify community but is it me or do all band leaders protect spotify even when they clearly make an aweful move or clearly have a problem that they can't fix?

Spotify has proven time and time again that they simply do not care about their user base.  


...which basically breaks every law of economics.


This service becomes more laughable with every update.  


Time to look around for something better.

I love Spotify, I only joined this community to nag about the Missing Whats New. Bring it back! Surely that function can live side by side with Discover

This is so disappointing.  Especially the App.  it's like the entire interface (i.e. Store Front) has been removed.


I was going to use the analogy that it's like going into a physical Record Store that you're you've built trust and familiarity with, only to find it under new management and everything has been completely shuffled and intentionally uncategorized so you can't find anything.


I'll grant that the desktop client still has many actual Discovery tools that are useful, but the app is now like going into a Record Store to find you can only discover what the store manager hands you, one-at-a-time,  because he knows better than you what you want to listen to.  


Again, there's utility in a recommendation engine, I get that, but not as a replacement to user-led discovery of what's newly released.



Not sure why Discover wasn't 'added' as an option below 'what's new' they both seem like viable menu options with different intents.

My only purpose in posting here is to express disappointment in the elimination of the "What's New" section from the iOS App. The section itself wasn't very good -- many more new releases would show up in the same section of the desktop software, for instance. But, at least it was something. The "Discover" section is NOT a replacement. It doesn't serve the same functionality at all. The two sections are What's New vs. What Already Is.


I use the App almost exclusively, and don't want to get on the desktop software just to find newly released music. Why weren't both options kept side-by-side? This makes no sense to me.


Please put the "What's New" section back, or better yet, write a better section that includes even more of the new releases, like on the desktop software. I switched to Spotify from Rhapsody because, at the time, the service was better. Please continue being better and not actually making your product worse than it was.

I agreed with the people who agreed with me 😉 the only reason I'm still with spotify is because I get it half price. I do prefer Rdio as there service is updated more often and honestly prettier. Please fix this soon!

If the next iPhone update doesn't come soon and include the whats new section, I'm gone with my premium acct. I am a software products manager and I don't get this. Like the post above Discover (which I don't use) can live side by side with What's New.

I appreciate the Discover tab, but those aren't New Releases. There should be an option to be able to see New Releases. I want to see what just came out. I like to scroll those and see bands I've not heard of and just listen. Please restore that functionality. 

When there was an update to the Spotify iPhone app yesterday I got excited and had hoped that they had listened to their users! But nothe app doesn't really include much apart from a new icon. Not impressed at all. I think they should listen to their users as we are the ones paying!

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