When Playlists Go Offline


When Playlists Go Offline


I am a new user of Spotify premium and I don't have an unlimited data plan with my cellular provider. When I make my playlists available offline, do they still use cellular data if I have service? For example, when I use the subway and go underground I know Spotify isn't using my data. However when I return to having service, does spotify then decide to use data again? It is a question I am dying to know the answer to. If anyone can help me out, that would be great.

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If you go to settings>Playback and enable offline mode then it will definately not use your data and it will use the synced file. However sometimes if you have data and it is not in offline mode it will stream instead of using the offline file.

Note also that recently there has been a rare bug (but still there) where Spotify has been using the data all the time.


So theoretically it shouldn't use your data.


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