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When is New Navigation Bar Rolling Out for Everyone?

When is New Navigation Bar Rolling Out for Everyone?

It seems like everyone I know who uses Spotify has the new navigation bar located at the bottom (instead of the dreaded hamburger menu) except for me. Any word on when the newest feature is going to be rolled out to everyone as an official feature? 

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I think the announcement said it was only available in some markets.  It would be rolled out in the others over several months.


I know that Australia wasn't in the initial list, which makes me swear every day when I back,back,back,back to get to the main menu while knowing other countries have a solution already. 


Several months seems a long time though?


If it's in your country, you could try force quitting the app.  I've heard some people needed to do that when it was available in their country to make it show.

Yeah @Craigski hit the nail on the head there. It's only available in the countries that have the new Spotify Home feature plus videos and podcasts.

Seems that if you don't have Spotify Home yet, then you don't have the new tab bar. Don't know why Spotify is so hesitant on rolling it out to everyone straight away.

I guess I should have said in the original post that I am in a market that it's been rolled out to (U.S), and that I've tried quitting the app and restarting it, logging out and back in, and reinstalling the app- none of which have worked 😕 

hi, i have the same problem. my wife with iphone 5S has it, my ipad air has it, my ipad 2 has it, but my iphone 6 is still eating hamburgers. i tried everything (restarts, reinstallation...) but in vain... i contacted support via web, but with no answer. stupide 😞

You have it on your iPad? I got in on my iPhone day one but didn't even know they have updated the iPad app as well. Could anyone upload a screenshot?

I still don't have it and I'm in the UK which was supposedly in the initial rollout. Don't know if the update shenanigans with Apple has delayed it?

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