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When using Spotify Connect with Radio, my thumbs up/down are greyed out and don't function

When using Spotify Connect with Radio, my thumbs up/down are greyed out and don't function

I use my iPhone to control my Spotify Connect. I like to work around the house while listening to Spotify Radio. I am connected to my stereo system Via Connect which plays fine, but as mentioned, my thumbs up/down for song voting are greyed out and don't function.


When I change Connect back to my iPhone, then I can use the voting again. I would think this is a bug, as I can skip to next song, adjust volume and fast forward through songs with my iPhone while Connect to other speakers, but not vote with Thumbs up/down.


I hope I'm doing something wrong, but can someone at least tell me that yes it's a bug and will be fixed in time.

Thanks in advance!

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Could someone from Spotify please at least respond that this is a bug and will eventually be fixed. Thanks.

Is there actually only three people that noticed this?


You can't vote thumbs up or down for Radio songs with iPhone using connect.


They are greyed out until you send sound back to iPhone.

I have the exact same issue. Driving me a bit crazy as I listen almost entirely via connect. You are not alone!

Please spotify, spotify connect is the most feature that i use and now that bug is so annoying.

Please spotify, fix this bug. spotify connect rocks, can't live without it.


edit: sorry for double posting.

Must be a recent issue, considering all the posts at dated 2015.

Also when on the lock screen of a iPhone, with Spotify playing, the "thumbs up/down" option is there originally. After using the option or skipping songs the option disappears and doesn't come back until the app is restarted.

With Radio there is an other Problem by using the "Next Song" button:
When clicking it right beside the cover in the radio section, only the current song and cover are moved forward but the radio cover remains the same.
This happen also after dis-connecting from my receiver .
I downloaded the Windows version and the problem is still reaming and the Thumb buttons are also still greyed out.

Similar problems where in the past on the Android App but version seems to work fine also if using connect.

@Spotify : Please repair it as well

- on iOS 9.0.2 thumbs buttons greyed out with direct connect, available again using app , respectively AirPlay mode
- on Android with Spotify version no buttons visible at all
I'm still in 7 days trial phase but won't extend with this crappy implementation

I am also having the same issue with thumbs up and down grayed out on my Premium account, but only on the Windows desktop app.They are working correctly on the web player. 

Yes, the problem is with the Windows apps.

On Android, as mentioned it is working also fine since a while.

The Spotify web player could be a workaround but theConnect feature is missing there so far and will not implemented soon.

See :

on Android I got thumbs back since latest Spotify update from today,also Lyrics work like a charm with Musixmatch but 

as I only have an IPAD as a tablet I am still desperately missing these basics on IOS !!!

I have the same problem. I wonder why the effort was put into having them appear when they don't work. Thumbs up and thumbs down don't work on my iPad, they are gray and non functioning

I missing the thumbs up an down also.

playing through my chromecast audio.

And here is the next one..... I always thought it was implemented this way as I never was able to like/dislike on another device than the actual  streaming one (using IPad, IPhone, Mac) and didn't like much running to the right device to like a song. However, the world isn't perfect..... But now, I am using the Gramofon player which has no own capabilities to do that - this means I will never again be able to use the like/dislike feature! 


Hoping for a comment of an expert about bug or working as designed..... 




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