Where do I find my offline content?

Where do I find my offline content?

I know I downloaded one or two albums for offline listening but I have so many albums I don't know which ones they are. Is there any way to check just for offline content?
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Hey @Gaberla4, welcome to the Spotify Community!


On iOS, you can find the Downloads section under the Your Music tab. It should list both Albums and Playlists that you have downloaded.


I hope that helps! Please let me know if I can help you with anything else 🙂

I don't see it. I just see "Your Library" but there is no "downloads" tab



Could you tell me what device you're using and what version your Spotify app is updated to?



iOS 10.1 iPhone and the latest version of Spotify



Okay, may I suggest you do a clean reinstallation of Spotify if you haven't already? If you've tried that and it didn't help, let me know.

Just did. It's the same. There is no section where my offline downloads are located. Only if I go to albums or playlists and search through to find the green arrow.

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