Where's the volume bar?

Where's the volume bar?


Hi guys, i wanna know where's the volume bar on iOS app.IMG_0395.jpg 

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Welcome to the community! There's supposed to be a volume button right next to the skip forward button. It must be a glitch. I suggest you force close the app and re open it.


I've uninstalled but still not showing up

There have been quite a few posts regarding the volume button going missing on the iOS app. I have escalated this to Spotify staff to see if we can get a resolution regarding this issue.


It's several months later and I don't see a volume control either on my iPhone or iPad.  Is it somewhere I'm not looking?

I can't find it either I don't want to keep manually adjusting each song played by pressing the side keys on my iPhone I will break those soon. Plus it isn't as sensitive as a volume bar so is a crude method of controlling.

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