Why can't I use Unlimited at home on iPad

Why can't I use Unlimited at home on iPad


Bought an iPad to replace my Windows laptop only to discover that I can't use Spotify at  home because it's classified as a "mobile device".  To all intents and purposes I'm using exactly the same service but because my device is defined as one thing rather than an other I can't use it over wireless. Can use an ageing Powerbook but it has no HDMI out so can't plug into flatscreen TV.

Needing Premium is fair enough it you want to use mobile broadband but on your own wireless network surely Unlimited should be enough 

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Unfortunately the record labels don't think so, and it's their rules that Spotify have to follow otherwise they would have no content for you to listen to 😞


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What if the software was able to differ from if a device is using 3-4G internet, and local net/WI-FI to access Spotify? 


it´s extremely dissapointing, and an unetchical restriction we´re dealing with here.

My Ipad is definetly not considered a mobile device, as it only used on LAN. If yes, then my laptop is just as much a mobile device :smileyhappy: Then where´s the logic in differing between the two devices if none of them is used as a "mobile device"? And having a SIM-slot wouldnt be a sane argument, as it would be a ridiculous one 😄

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As I understand it, it is down to the operating system rather than the type of device. If it uses a "mobile" operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.) it is a mobile device. This would mean that a tablet which ran a desktop operating system like Windows 7 rather than a "mobile" operating system it would not count as a mobile device, although it would be just as "mobile" as an iPad or Android tablet.

Actually, there are other non-mobile devices which require a Premium subscription (e.g. I need Premium to use the Spotify app on my Boxee Box) so I believe that in this case "mobile" means "non-desktop".

I agree that this can be confusing, however it would probably be difficult to implement rules based on the device type rather than the device operating system (and even more difficult to persuade the labels that this is a good idea).




Very, very disappointing. I also want to use my iPad to play music at home. Spotify should allow this with an unlimited subscription.


Completely agree. The app should be able to diferentiate between LAN and 3/4G. 

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