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Why does a random playlist or album open on my phone when I reopen the app?

Why does a random playlist or album open on my phone when I reopen the app?

This usually happens when I unlock my iPhone and open the Spotify app (which was still running in the background). Upon opening, Spotify will briefly show the page I was last on, then unexpectedly opens some random content. This content has ranged from albums of artists I have never heard of to playlists of users I do not know (I have never seen their account before). Usually, the content does not automatically play, just opens for me to see.

I have autoplay off. There is no evidence of my account being hacked. This has happened in public and at home. The content that opened was never on my screen (I can never find why it might have opened).
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I wanted to give just a few more details.

This happened one time when getting in my car after leaving a restaurant (I do NOT have Car Thing). It opened D'Evils by SiR. I have never heard of this artist nor do I listen to that type of music. I spent about 5 minutes looking through the whole home page trying to find where the album may have been opened from.

As stated before, this has happened at home too when no one else was nearby (but is was a random person's playlist that opened).

The issue is rare and I have not found a way to reproduce it. Otherwise, I would submit a video of it.

Hey @xxTrickster01xx,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community.


This does sound like rare behavior. Would you mind letting us know how often this happens to you? Are you able to replicate it using another mobile device?


It would be very helpful to have a screen recording or a video where we can see exactly what's happening on your end next time it happens. This way we can have a better understanding of the issue and provide further help. 


Keep us posted.

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