Why does crossfade not work propperly on the IPhone 5 ?

Why does crossfade not work propperly on the IPhone 5 ?


It works only for some songs. In opposite it works very well on the PC. Is there any reason or will there be a fix of the problem ?

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Are these local files or Spotify songs? I believe there is an issue where crossfade doesn't work on local files.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?


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Hi Anthony,

thanks for your help. I already installed the APP several times. Playlists are offline stored on the phone ( I have 64 gb so space is no problem ). But again sometines it works but most times not. I have put crossfade at max 12 seconds but you can see he is not starting a new song for crossfading. It is a nice feature when it works and one of the reasons why I am using Spotify.



Emailed Spotify Canada - my MacBook crapped out on me so I'm doing everything on iPhone 5a- still have to do Crossfade on a computer, but yeah sometimes it works, but mostly not.

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