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Wishlist will not work in offline mode - IOS 6

Wishlist will not work in offline mode - IOS 6



I use IOS 6 and the new spotify app.

With the old app (old design) I never have troubles...


But since the Spotify "Design" Update I have problems with the offline mode.


200 songs are offline available (green symbol).

If I turn on flight modus or I set Spotify OFFLINE all songs will work - fine.


But the wishlist will not work. If I want to take an song to my wishlist there is an error "song not found/not available offline".

If I play the same song directly it will work fine - offline.


I deleted spotify - reinstall - sync all songs. After that it will work - for only one or two weeks 😞

What can I do? The songs are sync and available...


I'm using Spotify premium - of course...

Thanks for every answer.


The spotify support will only tell me: Use IOS7.

But: Why spotify will release (in my appstore ios6) the new app if it is not compatible with IOS 6?

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When you say wishlist, do you mean queue? Queue not working (as well as adding to playlists) in offline mode is a known issue with the new apps.

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Yes, I mean queue.


Thanks I understand. The spotify (german) support don't know anything about this "known issue"...

So, I will wait for an update. Thank you very much!

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