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Works, but only sometimes

Works, but only sometimes

Ok, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem with spotify on mobile. I have an Iphone 6s with the newest operating system and certain songs just refuse to play beyond 5-10 seconds after which they freeze and I'm forced to skip. Has anyone else experienced this or better yet know a way to fix it? I've tried logging out and back into the app, deleted and reinstalled the app, and reset the phone.

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Well only solution I've found is kinda annoying. Get premium and download everything you want. It makes things annoying when you're just wanting to look up a song though as you then need to download it before listening. Overall pretty disappointed with how the app functions.

Hi there! 


Just a suggestion from a fellow user...I've had this issue previously at times when I tried playing music while using my data when I had no wifi available, is this the case? Or does this also happen while also using wifi?


It could possibly mean a weak data and/or wifi connection (which was the case in my experience). I see you've found a frustrating solution of downloading the music and then playing it offline, but what this sounds like is a weak connection. As you've experienced downloading music does guarentee it to play smoothly, so that is a good solution and the best way to experience premium, but I'm sorry you have been experiencing this issue.


You mentioned un-installing the app and re-downloading and restarting? Maybe try un-installing and then restarting before re-downloading? If you've already tried that and nothing has changed then I really do think it could be a data connection issue or weak wifi.


If none of these are the case or possible I suggest contacting the spotify team with a Customer Support Form if you've had no other help here.


Hope this helps! Take care and I wish you the best of luck...

Kat Hovey



Well, the problem I'm mostly facing is happening no matter what kind of connection I'm having. Honestly I'm just hoping its an issue with the app as my phone is relatively new. I've already tried the reseting and deleting/rebooting. The only reason I think it isn't a connection issue is that it is always the same songs that play for 5-10 seconds before freezing every single time. Some of those I'm even having trouble trying to download onto my phone! 


Thanks for the advice though, and I'll probably just have to contact costumer support and hope they can help me out.

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