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Your new totally stupid local files sync system doesn't even work right.

Your new totally stupid local files sync system doesn't even work right.

Songs added through the desktop app don't count track duration the way iTunes does it. Because of this, many local tracks added to playlists through desktop app are not available, even if added to iTunes. I have 450 local tracks. Approximately 40% are unavailable. Because all of them have one second longer duration in iTunes than in Spotify desktop app or in windows explorer although they are exactly the same files. I even wonder how many years you will look for a reason before you come across this topic. 



The screenshot was taken on the desktop app. This is absolutely the same file. But the top one was added to the playlist via iOS app, and the bottom one via desktop app.

Снимок экрана 2022-10-04 203634.png
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Have you found a fix? My 2.2k song playlist is ruined on my phone because of this.

Hey folks,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


In this case, we'd like you to know some changes on how local files are handled were recently introduced. We can confirm that it's expected for local files not to be synced between devices.

On another note, keep in mind there's a new Local Files experience. We're presenting this new experience, in which there's no need to import the files from one device to the other, as the files can be stored on phones. You can read more about it here.


So, take into account you can toggle on/off the Local files in your mobile From Settings> tap Local Files> Switch Show audio files. Just to clarify, currently, the Local Files feature lets you use the Spotify app to play any audio files stored on your device (e.g .mp3, .mp4, .m4a). So, with this function you'll see all the audio files you have in your phone. When toggling it off, you won't see any of them in the app.

We hope you found this helpful. Let us know if you need anything else. 

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Hey @AlejaR,


how is it expected that local files can't be synced between devices? Not only are you expecting us to create 2 different playlists to have access to the same songs, but also it's not working as you're expecting since some files are working cross device. Only those which iTunes changed the duration of aren't working.


I've already explained my thoughts in detail here: but I'll sum it up.


Files can be cross-device if Spotify and iTunes fix their duration measuring differences.

It's insulting that Spotify would make a feature objectively worse and then lie/gaslight to it's users and offer work arounds and botched solutions.



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