app crashing, glitching songs, etc

app crashing, glitching songs, etc





UK, currently visiting Morocco 


iPhone SE

Operating System

iOS 12.3


My Question or Issue

started last week with some of my songs not playing. all songs were definitely already downloaded, and had been fine before. then i had issues with (downloaded, no internet) songs buffering, which i didn’t think was possible. then, on top of all this, today i had the app crash on four different occasions, had songs skipping (1 second looping, didn’t stop until i closed the app) and songs randomly cutting out halfway through, only to decide to play again 30 seconds later, which is incredibly jarring when trying to get to sleep. i’ve tried updating the app, clearing the cache etc, but i’m loathe to delete and redownload, as it would take so long to redownload the 4GB of music i currently have using my slow hotel wifi.  


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