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app download frozen

app download frozen

I'm trying to download the app on my iPhone but the icon is stuck at being dimmed with "waiting..." underneath. As far as I know I can't delete and reinstall, whenever I try to delete it from my home screen it doesn't go anywhere. Has anyone found a way to solve this problem?

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That sometimes happens with iOS apps. If tapping on the greyed out icon doesn't force it to finish, usually rebooting the phone and retrying the download works. 

I've tried that a couple times, but I can't even delete the app to download it again. I'll tap and hold it so it shakes and press the "x" in the corner to delete it, but after I confirm that I want to delete it nothing happens and it's stays on the home screen

Did you reboot the phone and try again. Another thing you can do is try putting it in airplane mode for a minute and that can help cancel the download.


Unfortunately what you're experiencing is an issue with Apple, not Spotify. 

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