app on iphone4,


app on iphone4,

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So I have an Iphone 4, but the app is a complete joke, it is very slow, loses playlists randomly and is very slow to resync.


I connected my phone up again 2 days ago, everything gone again, so I contacted spotify support, then the problems started.


I was advised to reinstall the app, which I did, and all the tracks went again and took ages to get tracks on again.  I was advised by support that they would change my password and check my account behind the scenes, no password change, no check and no reply, I asked what was going on, they said my password didn't need to be changed, everything was fine and then suddenly, my password didn't work.  I asked what else I could do, no reply.


I tweeted asking why I got no reply, I have eventually got a reply and was told to test the app with a cs test account, which I did, and it was no better.  So I contacted spotify to tell them, and nothing in reply again.


Its been nearly 4 days, replies are sporadic at best, important parts of the faults are ignored and I am getting nowhere.


I won't mention that being British means we pay probably the highest prices of all spotify subscribers........



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Re: app on iphone4,


Yes have the same with my old iphone 4, I only use it with spotify and synced lists, no other apps/data on the phone.

I only use it as music player in my car.

Since last update the exact same thing, I resetted to factory defaults, installed spotify and synced one list offline, still the same.


It has to do with latest release of spotify. Also tried to contact spotify but no reply.