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bug fix for volume adjustment ios 7 beta 3 here

bug fix for volume adjustment ios 7 beta 3 here

just open spotify and play your music without headphones plugged in

once the music starts plug your headphones jn

volume adjust should work fine now

temporary fix until spotify and Apple fixes this.

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Plugging in the headphones when the music is playing crashes Spotify for me.


I am also having this issue 😞

worldonpause - thanks for sharing this.


As it's in beta we don't yet support iOS 7 so there may be some weirdness, but rest assured we're on the case for you all.

Check out how we're doing: @SpotifyStatus

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THANKS! u saved me from restoring back to beta 2


This 'bug' has been annoying me too... I wondered if uninstalling and reinstalling might fix it. It didn't. But whilst reinstalling I noticed that there was Spotify for iOS4 available. And while installing that results in a 'black barred' experience with smaller screen estate, the app doesn't crash when the volume is changed. So i'm using that until Spotify/Apple manage make the latest app work with the latest OS.

Thanks for the tip, but mine will crash as soon as I plug in my headphones since the iphone is trying to adjust the volume back to the normal headphone volume. 😞


Download ios 7 beta 4 and the new update of spotify and it works 😄

Thank you for pointing that out, Gurkfil. I was about to upgrade to iOS 7 beta 4 from iOS 6.0.2, and I wanted to be sure the issue I previously encountered in beta 3 was fixed.

Long story short, I downgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 6.0.2 just so that I could use Spotify and Skype again, but I think I could do without Skype (never really use it anymore), so I will go ahead and upgrade.

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