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can't get a local file to upload to my ipod touch

can't get a local file to upload to my ipod touch

I just uploaded a new CD to my computer, and it shows up on my spotify on my mac, but I can't get the new songs to sync to my ipod. When I connect my ipod touch to my computer, it doesn't show up under my devices. I have tried disconnecting it and reconnecting it a thousand times, I restarted spotify, and I even restarted my computer, but nothing is working. I often struggle with getting my ipod to show up under my devices and it is really annoying.
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Syncing of local files is performed over the wi-fi network (not over cable).


  • Make sure that your computer and iPod touch are sharing the same wi-fi network. It's best that your computer is not connected to the router by cable.
  • Run Spotify on both devices.
  • Set the playlist that contains local files for offline mode on your iPod touch.
  • As the iOS client will stop syncing when in screen sleep mode and not connected to a power source, keep you iPod touch connected by cable, but make sure that iTunes is not running.

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