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full screen playlist causes screen to time out


full screen playlist causes screen to time out







iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 12


My Question or Issue

I updated the app tp the latest version last night. Starting this morning (next time I used it), I noticed that if I leave the artwork view up while listening to a playlist, my screen will eventually dim and then shut off. Previously if I had the artwork up my screen would not time out, just like if I were watching a show. Is it possible that the latest update removed some kind of persistence mechanism that kept the phone from timing out?


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Hey folks,


Just to follow up on what @Bethany_Dawn said, this has now been confirmed as an intended change rather than an issue.


Make sure to check out this post for more info on this.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂

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Hi @futureboy623 ! 🙂
I noticed this same behavior on my iphone X when I updated as well. Typically (before update) when I left my phone on the charger, my screen would never dim with the app open. If it was not charging, it would dim about halfway into the track.
So I did a clean reinstall of the app thinking it might just be a glitch.
It still continues to fade on charge around halfway through a song or about 5 minutes into consistent listening (give or take) if no interaction happens.
I'm not sure if it's an internal energy (screen/battery) saving function or just part of the new update. I also tried changing screen settings on my phone and that doesn't seem to affect it either. It's not too big a deal since I often interact with my phone at my desk, but sometimes I'll leave it for a little while and want to switch a playlist or such and it's gone back to my lock screen.
Just wanted to chime in that it's not just something you're seeing. 🙂




I believe this is a defect introduced with the latest update. I installed the update this morning and my phone started locking/turning off the screen when listening to music in my car. This is definitely new behavior as I do this every day and the phone has never locked if it's plugged in to power. Another regression bug introduced by Spotify putting out untested releases.

This is happening to me too. I leave my iPhone plugged in at work when I'm listening, so I can have the screen on. I couldn't figure out why it was turning off while plugged in and charging.


I tried rebooting my phone and changing the settings for screen lock and then changing them back, but nothing seems to help. It's definitely Spotify, as I used another music app to play local files, and the screen stayed on.


It also dims in other views, as I tried going back to the album listing view, and it still dims.


If this is a new "feature", then could we have the option to turn it off at least?



I'm experiencing the same problem, extremely aggravating.

2 app updates since this post, and the issue is still happening. I'm fairly new to this community, though been using Spotify for a long time- is there some other/better way to alert Spotify support of this bug?

I updated last night (iphone) and I didnt notice untill today that this is happening, extremely annoying for the application to dim and go to lock screen. 

I've also read post about people who want it to go to lock screen so maybe make it an option to keep the app active while it is being charged and not force it.


the last time I've updated, they removed the repeat button from the phone interface replaced by the like button and changed back again...


updates like these, really makes me NOT want to update in the future.



Hi everyone! 
In case you weren't already in the know - this has been logged with Spotify as an issue and is under investigation. You can follow the progress, add a vote and comment over on this thread

Have an awesome day! 😄

Marked as solution

Hey folks,


Just to follow up on what @Bethany_Dawn said, this has now been confirmed as an intended change rather than an issue.


Make sure to check out this post for more info on this.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂

Hi Peter,


Thanks for the information. When I click on the link you provided I get an access denied message (this is coming from the Spotify site, not from my workplace firewall or ISP). Is there a way for me to see the thread you mentioned?


I have to say that I am baffled by the decision. If users want their screen to dim, why couldn't they just not enter the fullscreen/artwork mode? That way those of us who want to discover music but not hit the home button every time a new song comes on can listen they way we have been? The way it was before, everyone could get what they wanted- now only some can. Maybe the thread you referenced has more details.

Hey @futureboy623,


Thanks for pointing that out - we've now updated the link in the thread marked as a solution.


Also thanks for your feedback, we do appreciate it. You will find a more detailed explanation in the thread, however if you would like to suggest a change to the current behaviour, feel free to create an idea in the Idea Exchange here. That way, your idea can get support from other users who feel the same way and, if it gets enough votes, then Spotify will consider implementing it.


Hope that helps! Let us know if there's anything else we can help with 🙂

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