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how to unhide deleted songs (do not play again button) on premium?? PLEASE HELP

how to unhide deleted songs (do not play again button) on premium?? PLEASE HELP

Before i upgraded to premium i clicked the 'do not play this again' button on a couple of songs that i didn't want to listen to in one of playlists because i couldn't skip. On the free version it was easy to undo this, however now that i've upgraded to premium i cannot find any way of bringing back these songs i now want to listen to. I've tried so many things including deleting then restoring whole playlists.  it's really annoying that i now can't listen to some songs, if it was only a feature of the free version, the songs should play in the premium version i would've thought. PLEASE HELP!!!!



I'm using the most updated version of the app, on an iPhone 6 on ios 11.4.1, but i've also tried on my acer laptop and can't find anyway to fix this on either device.


Thanks to anyone who can help!! 🙂 

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Hey @ashshieldss, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Unfortunately that feature is unavailable on the Premium version, maybe not yet.

However, you should be able to search for the songs and actually play them as well as save and put those songs in a playlist.


I'd also recommend upgrading to iOS 12.

Hope it helps 🙂

Oh man yeah ... I was about to do the same thing and for this feature alone Iam not going for premium account ... You see the good thing about the feature is that although on the free account you have limited skips but the do not play this song again feature lets you skip songs as well as add them to the HIDE SONGS list which is not avaiable on the Premium app ... So I dont think this can be done once you moved to the Premium account ....So you will have to cancel the subscription so your account so that once again its free and then undo the action from the hide list and then go for premium again !!!!

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