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iOS 11.0.3 Spotify v8.4.25 on İPhone 6s

iOS 11.0.3 Spotify v8.4.25 on İPhone 6s

Hello I’m trying premium. It’s really good at pc but on iPhone it doesn’t work if I click a home menu or browse(sometimes) menu it says “An error occurred Try again “ and I’m try to solve it

1- Go to settings and remove offline devices 

2-iPhone soft reset (power and home button 10 sec.)

3-Uninstall and install Spotify (I’m trying this two times)

4-Change WiFi to cellular

But it’s not working

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I have experienced this before as well and was always related to a poor internet connection.


Does Spotify not work at all, or does this happen on a regular basis?

It’s never work if you wanna test in 150+Mbps I do a few hours later. But there is a speed test result at 3G. I think it’s not bad. 


I remember once to enable data for Spotify in the app settings in the
normal settings menu.

I'm on Android now so can't share you the details but it might be there.
Also something about running in the background, etc

Data and background application refresh is enable and those are different WiFi and 3G Speedtest result. I think it’s a application problem. 


If it’s an application problem then many more people should have this issue, which is not the case.

I have a feeling that due to the age of your phone, and the amount of times it has been upgraded to a new iOS version, some iOS files are corrupted. My recommendation is to reset your phone to factory settings to make sure that all the iOS files are back to default.

Make sure you do a backup first because your phone will be wiped clean.

Last question: Can you access the Spotify app settings within the application? Or does the app just hangs?

Good luck and let me know how the reset went.

Hi. I have cleaned all data and clean install to iOS 11.1 I'm select a new iPhone and install only spotify.There isn't any backup. If I disable to wifi browse and profile section is ok. but home tab still says "An error occured" what can i do ?

Few more idea's


1. Make sure that in your iOS SETTINGS -> Applications (or something) -> Go to Spotify and see how it's configured, and if it's allowed to use data, etc.

2. Ask friends to install Spotify, even if's a free version, to see what happends with them.

3. How many different Wifi networks have you used? Many companies have blocked Spotify for example. Try it where you don't need to fill in Proxy information and where you know it works on the desktop client.


Right now it's all about narrowing down the issue. What happends at different Wifi networks, different phone operators, etc. Just to make sure that none of these are the reason for it not to work.


When you launch Spotify, do you at least get a login screen or it's straight away black and not doing anything?


How long have you waited? Someone else with Android waited for a couple of minutes and suddenly it worked.


I don't think it's your 3G connection, that seems to be perfectly fine. And even if it was, then Wifi should have worked for you.


The Spotify app is fine, otherwise many more people should have this issue.

1- İt's okey
2- I'm tryed my friend's iphone 5s and it's work and my account is work.
3-More than 8 and last iphone 5s and my device connected same wifi and same oparetor
4-With a wifi conn. home browse and library>account gives error./ With 3G only home tab gives error.
5-When I launch spotify i'm login.Home page says An error occured sometimes ıf i click too much "Try again" button it waits a black screen.

6-I'm waiting more than 15 min.

I solve the problem. I’m studying at Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). Winter time zone is GMT+2 but my account has Turkey. Turkey time zone is now GMT+3. If I turn on automatic set date and time it gives error. If I select Manuel and give Turkey’s clocks it works fine. But ıf I restart my device it's change automaticly date and time. Each restarting i must date and time manually.

Impressive fix, glad you got it sorted out, how did you come up with this idea?


It's still strange that you have to do this because I have been outside of the country where my Spotify is registered (thus traveling in different time zones) and never had issues with this. Premium users are able to go anywhere without issues.

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