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iOS 13 CarPlay low volume issue only with Spotify

iOS 13 CarPlay low volume issue only with Spotify

CarPlay low volume  issue just with Spotify 





iOS 13 , iPhone 8 , iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max



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 I have experienced on any iPhone devices and with carplay on a really low volume on the car, this doesn’t happens with Apple Music, iTunes, or any other app, just with Spotify


if I use Bluetooth I can hear perfectly the song at 15 but with CarPlay I need to take the volume to the top at 45 at not even can hear it well


several persons are reporting this and no fix has been released from Spotify any ideas how to solve this or pass this bug to the developers??? Because Spotify isn’t working correctly while in CarPlay mode

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I just downloaded the latest IOS 13.1.2 and the Spotify volume is too low in my vehicle (Toyota).  Does anyone have a fix for this? The posts from previous years are not working.

Hello, I am having exactly the same problem. When I use Spotify in my BMW i3S the volume is very low and the quality sounds poor even though I am a premium user. I have to turn the volume up to max on my iPhone and then increase the volume in the car. The only problem is when some one calls me, it nearly blows up the speakers as it is so high. The previous owner uses Deezer which is still downloaded onto the the car and it sounds amazing even though I know Spotify has a better streaming audio? This really needs to be sorted. I can see similar posts dating far back complaining about the low volume. I really do not want to swap to Deezer.

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