iOS 5 compatible app?

iOS 5 compatible app?


Spotify is now iOS 6+ only.

Spotify for iOS 4 is a very outdated version/app, not the same as the latest iOS 5 compatible version of Spotify.


Could we get a Spotify for iOS 5 app in App Store? With the "latest" additions possible.


As of now, iOS 5 users trying to download Spotify to their iDevice will end up using a very outdated version (as mentioned above) of Spotify. The outdated app we have to use even alerts us to download the iOS 6+ only app, which clearly is impossible.

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I'm afraid that the iOS 4 app is your only option as Spotify is no longer supporting iOS 5 but focusing on current and emerging platforms.


I have a Ipod touch which cannot upgrade to IOS 6 and have spotify version 6.4.2. Is there a manual way we can updgrade to 7.2? Surely you can leave 7.2 on app store for iOS 5 users. I understand at some point you have to make a descion of developing for future IOS but why stop earlier versons updgrading to the latest possibe spotify verson that was supported for IOS 5 a few weeks ago ie. 7.2? I have spotify 7.2 on and old iPhone of mine. Can i some how sync that with my ipod touch?


I guess Spotify is pushing everyone with this problem to jailbreak and search for last compatibile cracked app to run it, bravo!  🙂 

But actually I installed Spotify for iOS4 on my iTouch3G and I'm quite happy. Surely it looks ANCIENT but it is consuming much less memory than last compatibile version of 'normal' Spotify app. 

Thanks to great work of Spotify dev team I'm now using legacy apps on my laptop and on my mobile player. Makes me proud I'm paying for Premium account!:) 


I'm new to Spotify but have an old iPod. Do you know where I can get the IOS4 app, please? - the only one in the app store is the new one that my iPod can't load.


This is a problem for me too.  I have an iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1 and Apple does not provide any higher version of iOS for this device.  I would like Spotify to provide an older version of the Spotify app for iOS 5.1.1.  I'm not asking Spotify to *support* the older version of the app, just make it available.  And I certainly don't expect Spotify to add any new features to an older version of the app.  I don't mind if I don't have all the latest features--I can get those on the latest Spotify desktop app.  I just want to be able to play the music and nothing more.  Sometimes on the Apple App Store I have attempted to download an app and I see a message that says something like "The current version of this app does not run on iOS 5.1.1.  Would you like to download an older version of this app?"  So I know that supplying an older version is possible.  I realize that an iPad 1 is considered obsolete in today's world.  But not everyone can afford to replace expensive electronic devices on a regular basis.  My iPad 1 hardware is working just fine and I need it to last as long as possible.

I have an iPhone 4 running 5.1.1 and it's been fine until recently the app won't open.

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