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iOS 7, spotify update crash

iOS 7, spotify update crash

Hi all! I work with iOS 7 and my phone just upgraded spotify automatically (new function). But now the app doesn't open or even finish the installation! The pictogram is dark (like while installing an update) and doesn't react when clicked on. In the App Store it shows that the installation is complete. So something is wrong. Please help me fix this problem so I can listen to my music again. (I already tried a reboot)
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Hi Eduardw - Are you still having something trouble with this? Are you able to open the Spotify app at all now?

No sorry, it still shows "wachten..." (Tr: Waiting...)

I just got an update, and it works again! Thanks

It worked on my iPhone 5 but my daughters iPod 5th will not let her install Spotify after the iOS7 upgrade. Ive tried hard reset, restored the backup, uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify using iTunes on the PC. It will complete the installation and POOF!! the icon will vanish every time.

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