[iOS] Spotify automatically loads same queue


[iOS] Spotify automatically loads same queue








iPhone 7+

Operating System

(iOS 12.3.1)


My Question or Issue

Lately when I have been wanting to listen to music, like an album, or a playlist, I will chose the shuffle button to start playing, or even tap on the first song I see. 

I will go about my day, but the second the first song I just chose ends, the next song is always the beginning of a huge queue of music from a different playlist that I used to listen to a lot. 

So the first time this happened I thought that I would go through this entire playlist stuck in my queue (approx. 100 songs) and I have to individually delete each song. (Which there really should be a button to just delete queue)

I then went to chose a different song to play and when that song was done, the same song next in queue was the song that played in the queue before! I looked at the queue again, the playlist was added again! I then thought, “maybe if I skip through all of these songs it will think I have played them, and then it cannot pop up again.” 

But alas, once I had the queue of music I wanted, I would go out of the queue and would go back in and all those gosh darn songs are there again.

I signed out of my account, signed back in. Same issue.

I deleted the application. Waited an hour, downloaded the app again, signed back in, same issue. 

I asked my boyfriend if he was using my account and he said he wasn’t using it for anything.

I also even deleted the playlists from my downloads and stopped following them (unfortunatly) and they still come up in the queue.

I do not understand and am on the verge of giving up. 

Please help me!

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Re: [iOS] Spotify automatically loads same queue


I have quite the same problem - Whenever I start listening to an album or a playlist, after the first song Spotify automatically inserts another album (Present Tense by Wild Beasts) I used to listen to recently. The problem occurs on all devices, not just on iOS.