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[iOS] Untimely playing of unknown track

[iOS] Untimely playing of unknown track







iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 13.3


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Several times today, without any reason, and while I was playing a playlist, it was suddenly interrupted by a track I have never listened before: MemeFactory - Me Is Dimitri

This behaviour of the iOS app seems very weird, so I have disconnected all the devices from my web account page. I wanted to warn you about this bug. Do you have an explanation? Have I been hacked?


My Spotify app is up-to-date: v8.5.47.887


Track Id: 4hsklu1ylvTweQJg41LVNE

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It's likely that someone else accessed your account.


It's good to know that you already logged out your account everywhere. It's a good idea to reset your password if you haven't done so already.


You can visit this page for tips on how to protect your account.



Yes indeed, looks more like it than a bug. After another check, I noticed I was also following a playlist named "RapCaviar", like 12 000 000 other people... I have reset my password, it was an old one that have been pwned already... But could anyone at Spotify check the logs and confirm me suspicious activities from devices/locations that are unknown to me please?

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