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iOS app switching between songs lags / crashing of app since last app update

iOS app switching between songs lags / crashing of app since last app update



I'm using the Spotify app on two devices, one personal (iPhone 5, iOS 7.1) and one corporate (iPhone 4s, iOS 7.1).

Since the last update of the app got indescribably slow and crashes frequently.

Switching between songs is almost no possible. 

In the following pos ( t the following solution was suggested: Settings > Playback > Play Feedback Sounds (off).

Unfortunately this doesn't resolve the problem for me. 

Please another solution, since this is super, super, super annoying!!!!!!!!

I was a satisfied permium customer, but I'm seriously considering to switch to one of the competitors' service.





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Hi. Spotify is aware of the issues and will post updates in the main thread here.

Same here. Really disgraceful, and my premium subscription is now cancelled. I'm not paying good money for a rubbish product.

It's taking too long. I want to inmediately cancel the contract for this service!!! Please resititute the payed money for this month. In the meantime I'll use some other service. Maybe if I'm not happy with that I''ll return once the issues have been resolved. I don't understand why your software development team doesn't test the software before deployment. For a company like this I expected a bit more professional approach. Sincerely a very dissapointed ex-customer!!!!!

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