iOS mobile app crashes when syncing local files


iOS mobile app crashes when syncing local files

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Since the most recent update to the iOS mobile app, ver, I have not been able to sync my local files to my device (Ipod 5G, ver 7.1.2). When I attempt to sync, over Wi-Fi, the app crashes every time. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app several times. This has never been an issue until this latest update, and upon consulting the Spotify community forums, I see that am not alone in this problem. I have very much enjoyed the Premium service and would like to remain a subscriber, however I have currently suspended my subscription pending a resolution to this issue. Is this a permanent situation in regards to syncing local files or a bug which will be fixed in the near future? I would like an answer and explanation to that question.


 When I cancelled my subscription I received an email from support@spotify which instructed me to try restarting my device (which I have already tried) and if that fails to send details about my device. Not much support, extremely dissatisfied with customer support. As I said, I have cancelled my subscription, but it is paid and still active until 9/24/2014, I will wait and see if there is an explanation forthcoming. If Spotify will just answer and explain whether or not users can sync local files or not, I may continue my subscription. Just be honest and stop giving your users useless solutions if Spotify knows that we can no longer sync local files. If I have not received some resolution by 9/24, I won't renew my subscription and I will try another service.


Ipod 5G, available space 17.9 GB

iOS ver 7.1.2

Spotify ver

sync over Wi-Fi

No cache clearing or task-killing apps


This post is a copy of the email I sent to in reply to their response to my problem.

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Re: iOS mobile app crashes when syncing local files


Hey @gnr8788 do you mind trying another clean reinstallation today and then answering the questions below for us:


When you opened the app right after the clean reinstallation...


1. Did the app crash immediately the first time you opened it? Or were you able to open it and try to perform a function beofre it crashed?

2. Before it crashed did you see the Login screen or did you see the app as though you were already signed in? 


If you could answer those questions immediately after the reinstall it would be a great help. Thank you!