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I’ve been trying to find this on FAQ’s but can’t find any info,


My question is will my local files that i purchased on iTunes and can play through the Spotify app on my current iPhone still be able to play on an android device through Spotify, the same way they play now?


I switched from buying songs on iTunes to Spotify Premium 2 years ago, but I transferred all my playlists and purchased local iTunes files from my iTunes library to my Spotify library and built off that.


I have like 2000 local files downloaded on my iPhone and I’m under the impression that this does not count towards my 10000 song download limit.


My iPhone is breaking down and I need something new and don’t want to spend $1000 on another iPhone so I’m planning on getting a Samsung or something.


I downloaded everything for offline and organize by playlist, so will I just have to hit the download switch on each playlist and it will sync the local files from my computer to an android phone over WiFi like normal?


Thanks for any insight and help.


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Hey there @Frankkuhl,

thanks for posting !


It's possible to sync local files from a computer to an Android device just follow the instructions on this page.

It contains instructions for Mobile and Tablet and they apply for both iOS and Android devices.


Hope this helps 🙂


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