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iOS7 Issue immediately after unlock

iOS7 Issue immediately after unlock

Good Afternoon,

     The app functions oddly after my most recent iOS update, when I unlock it's as if the app is frozen and it takes roughly 30-45 seconds before it starts responding. It always responds and isn't truly frozen but this is uncommon from the experience that I'm accustomed to with spotifuggle.


Great App, thanks for any advice anyone can give!!!

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have you tried rebooting your iOS Device?

Thanks for the reply, I have rebooted the device many times since I found the 1st issue. I have not installed the app and reinstalled but I can if you think that would fix it.

What iPhone are you using? I've found my 4S seems to struggle a little more with Spotify sometimes compared to my friends 5S.

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I am actually on an Ipad 2

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