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iPad Air: Can't share a track with another Spotify user

iPad Air: Can't share a track with another Spotify user

iPad Air


When I try to share a track, it lets me search for a user but then says "no results."

I can find that user when I search in the main search window. And I have shared music FROM that user

in my inbox, but can't see how to add them to my friend list on the ipad - and as I mentioned, it

gives me no hits when I search for them.


I updated the app. Still didn't work. Deleted & re-installed the app. Still doesn't work.


Anything else for me to try?


I was about to sign up for premium, but if this is a bug in the mobile app, then I'm not sure I want to.


It all works on the MacBook Pro.



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Is that user a Facebook friend? 

Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be possible to share with non-Facebook people currently in the mobile applications (iOS and android).

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Yes, he is a FB friend, but I wasn't trying to share through FB. And I don't understand why the app (on ipad) gives the option to share a track AND to check for the username - if it's not going to find the name and let me share. Seems odd.

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