iPhone 4 is not recognized in devices

iPhone 4 is not recognized in devices


My iPhone 4 with iOS 6.0 does not show up in devices when I connect it to my computer with a USB cable. I haven't had issues like this until recently. Shows up in iTunes, but is not recognized by spotify so I can't sync local files. 


I have tried restarting my phone and computer, deleting and redownloading the application, and have made sure to sign in using the same log in details. My phone and computer are also connected through the same WIFI network.


I have a premium account. How can I fix this problem?

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The device should appear under the devices when you have the app open on the phone and on the computer and both are connected to the same network, and no firewall is blocking the connection. I believe USB syncing from Spotify isn't supported to phones, but for older iPods...

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Thanks for the post! My iphone 4 showed up immediately when I disabled my anti-virus and turned off both firewalls!

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