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iPhone 5S won't be recognized by desktop Spotify app

iPhone 5S won't be recognized by desktop Spotify app


I have been trying to connect my new iPhone to my desktop to sync my mixtapes and stuff, but the desktop app does not connect to my iPhone.  This feature used to work on my old home network, but i recently moved into my college and I was thinking maybe their wifi has something to do with this not working.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. Logged out and reinstalled both apps

2. made sure i was on the same network

3. Made sure the app was not blocked by the firewall.


What I expected to happen

My iPhone to be connected to the desktop app.

What actually happened



My iPad/iPhone model

Eg. iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S, The New iPad, etc.


Device’s Operating System



Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?





My provider and country



My username




1 Reply

Hello @nconway!


I believe this has to do with their wifi blocking the connection between your devices. If you can, try to connect your computer to your phone using the Personal Hotspot feature of your 5S in Settings > Personal Hotspot. Make sure you enable WiFi and then connect to the wireless network created by your phone.


Your phone should then be displayed under the "Devices" tab on the desktop player.


Edit: Also, make sure to leave the app open both on your phone and computer at the same time.


Let me know if this solves the problem 😉

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