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iPhone Data Usage 1GB for only 1-2h...

iPhone Data Usage 1GB for only 1-2h...

Spotify is using up all my data usage. Last days it suddenly started to use a extrem amout of data, 1GB for only 1-2h of listening. How is this possible? I used to listen at least 1-2h/day and only used 2-3GB per month up to a couple of days ago. 

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Are you listening to offline plalyists?

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I had the same problem today. I listened for 4 hours and used 3.1GB of data. My phone quality is set to Normal (96kbit). I learned of the data use after Verizon sent me a text for overage.  Spotify used to use about 170MB for the same listening in the past.

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If you could post now in this thread Peter created, with the details he mentioned, that'd be awesome. I'll lock this post too, so please post all details over there. Thanks all.


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