iPhone, Ford (with USB AUX-in) and repeated next song events

iPhone, Ford (with USB AUX-in) and repeated next song events



I'm using my iPhone with Ford integrated radio which has AUX in via USB (I do not have Ford Sync integration). When phone is connected it is being recognized as iPod-like device and I can play songs from my local music library without any problems.


Unfortunately when I switch to Spotify app everything works fine until song ends or next song button is pressed on the phone or on the car radio/wheel button. After this event Spotify starts to play each new song for 1-2 seconds and switches to another one. There is no end of this behavior until I unplug my phone.. How can we repair this behavior? Spotify Premium account, iPhone 6, iOS 10.


Any idea?

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Seems like simmilar problem as in this (2 yr old) thread:


Hi, I have the exact same problem. I have Ford Fiesta 2016 and iphone 6s. I'm also premium user of Spotify. Interestingly, if you play song before you plugged-in, that song keeps playing. But when it's finished, the loop is starting again. Does anyone have the same problem? Any solutions? 


same problem unfortunately.


Same problem - really annoying!

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