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iPhone Settings does not include Local Files

iPhone Settings does not include Local Files






iPhone 6

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I have mp3 files on the local Downloads folder on my iPhone. I would like to play these with Spotify. When i search for how to do this, all the answers say to go to Settings -> Local Files. But when I do this on the Spotify app on my iPhone, there is no Local Files optionin the Settings list. I have Spotify version iOS version 15.4.1. iPhone 6s. Thanks in advance for your advice.




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local file sync didn't work, and now they've changed it to actual local files it still doesn't work, I can't be bothered anymore

Hi @1216648548,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Seems you're running an older version of Spotify. Could you try updating the app to see if that does the trick? Make also sure that the files aren't DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected.


In case the issue persists, feel free to send over a screenshot of the app's settings so we can examine how things look on your end.



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